Corinthian Protection International Maritime (CPIM) is a security firm dedicated to protecting your fleet, your company and your crew.

With extensive corporate and elite military experience, our management team is committed to protecting your vessels in the most hostile environments, while acting in complete accordance with industry standards.

Anti-piracy security

Maritime piracy is on the increase, making it essential that ship operators find a reliable, affordable and professional security team. Our mission is to provide effective and flexible support, which allows our clients to operate safely and with guaranteed protection of their crews, vessels and cargo.

Our carefully recruited security specialists are predominantly former British military personnel, constantly improving their skills with regular training and always delivering an ethical, cost-effective and professional service.

CPIM employs only the most highly qualified security personnel to guarantee the safety of your vessel, crew and cargo.
Detection is at the forefront of maritime security operations and CPIM provides essential protection and surveillance services.
Deterrents limit the risk of piracy threats and CPIM identifies and secures vulnerable areas aboard your vessel.
Defence is effectively provided by CPIM with crucial respect for proportionality and restraint when it comes to the use of force.

In the most challenging maritime environments, we allow no room for error in ensuring that all risk has been assessed, enabling your business to operate and thrive on a global scale.

Maritime security services

CPIM provides expert services and trained personnel for:

  • Threat and vessel risk assessment
  • Security surveys and audits
  • Physical armed and unarmed security solutions
  • Technical vessel protection solutions
  • Asset and personnel security consultancy
  • Intelligence planning and evaluation solutions
  • Specialist training for maritime security
  • Port facility security assessments
  • Passage risk assessments and security planning

Maritime qualifications and compliance

All of our teams operate in line with our standard operating procedures, which fully comply with:

  • International Code of Conduct (ICoC)
  • Best Management Practices Four (BMP 4)
  • International Maritime Organisation (IMO) guidelines
  • Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS)
  • United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS)
  • International Flag and Port state regulations

Maritime security personnel

We recruit only the most qualified and reliable security specialists, in order to ensure the security of our clients’ vessels. To acheive this goal, all applicants to our security teams must provide:

  • Clean criminal record certificate dated within the last six months
  • Valid UK passport with more than six months before expiry and at least five pages remaining for visa stamps
  • Current CV outlining military and commercial experience
  • Minimum of six years military service with some operational experience
  • Military certificate of service
  • Signed mental health letter from your GP who is able to verify your medical history
  • Firearms certificate from a recognised provider
  • STCW 95 certificate
  • MSO certificate
  • ENG 1 Seafarers Medical (no restrictions)
  • Seamans / Discharge Book
  • Evidence of competent IT skills