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BG Safe

Survey, Maintenance, Repair, Sale and Hire of Life-Saving Appliances in the Marine Industry

BG Safe is a young company specialising in the survey, maintenance, repair, sale and hire of life-saving appliances in the marine industry.

BG Safe was established thanks to the initiative of two partners and their experience, reputation and knowledge of safety requirements in the shipping market combined with excellent technical skills, good knowledge of electro mechanics and experience onboard.

The company has a wealth of experience in the repair and maintenance of fibreglass hulls, engines and inflatables.

The company management system is certified by Istituto Deming according to ISO 9001:2008 standard requirements.

Inspection of life-saving appliances on ships

BG Safe’s core activity consists of the annual and five-yearly SOLAS inspection of life-saving appliances aboard ships. The company has also held training with the following manufacturers:

  • Aquata
  • A-RIM
  • Bada (Dae Ryuck)
  • Davit International
  • Dongnam
  • DSB
  • Greben
  • Gurdesan
  • Hai Hong Boat
  • Hyundai
  • Iknow Machinery (Tsuji)
  • Jiangyin Neptune
  • Jiangyin Shi Beihai
  • Jiangyin Xinjiang
  • Mad Rock
  • Manabe Zoki
  • Mansei
  • Miura Machine
  • Ned Deck Marine (SEC)
  • Ningbo Fu Hai
  • Nishi F / Ishihara
  • Norsafe
  • Oriental Precision
  • Qingdao Beihai
  • Sekigahara Seisakusho
  • Sekwang Marine
  • Tsuenishi
  • Vanguard
  • Wuxi Hai Hong
  • Young Nam
  • Zhenjiang Marine Auxiliary Machinery Works

Even with such authorisation we passed audits with BV, LR, DNV and RINA as service supplier for these activities, and to whom we asked to verify our compliance to RES. IMO 1277; we can count on several case by case flag approvals (Italy, Panama, Liberia, Georgia, Cayman Islands,etc).

  • Experience on more than 1,000 ships (bulk, tanker, cruise, ferry, super yacht)
  • Good, trusting professional relationships
  • Available seven days a week
  • Wide range of authorisation and genuine spares allow us to work quickly while meeting international regulations
  • At least one technician for every service team is fluent in English
  • QA ISO 9002
  • The team is almost independent with its equipment
  • Training BOSIET
  • International partner network
  • Negligence insurance for €5,000
  • We always work in double safety

New secure fall preventer device

BG Safe, thanks to its patented fall preventer device (FPD), is able to provide FPD in line with the Res IMO MSC 1/Circ. 1327, for release hook SWL up to 9.5t.

The FPD is in full conformity with:

  • Res IMO MSC 1/Circ. 1327
  • IACS Int. 2012 SC 254 April 2012

Res. IMO MSC. 1/Circ. 1327, at para 2.2.5 defines "the release of the straps or slings should be achievable quickly and easily without posing any risk to the operating crew designated to carry out the task once the lifeboat has reached the water. If the release of the straps or slings requires opening of the lifeboat hatch it should be readily achievable by the operating crew at each device from within the craft. Once detached, the straps or slings should not interfere with the operation of the on-load release gear or the propeller".

Paragraph 2.1.7 states "the removal of the pin should be achievable quickly and easily without posing any risk to the operating crew designated to carry out the task once the lifeboat has reached the water".

The differences between any means used to avoid fall down in case of unintentional release and a FPD are:

1. Time durability in marine environment
2. SWL defined for lifeboat fully loaded of people and equipment
3. The possibility to be used also in ship abandon as the master can choose to mitigate the risk of drop even on such occasions, maintaining as much as possible unchanged the safety features studied and approved for a lifeboat.

"While evaluating the installation, special attention shall be focused on SOLAS Reg. III 17.5 where the engaging of master link – suspension block – in the release hook has been already considered dangerous, operation that can be carried out easily and quickly from inside the lifeboat " […] Foul weather recovery strops shall be proveded for safety if heavy fall blocks constitute a danger".

Fall preventer device for maximum operator safety

An FPD, defined as ‘straps or a sling’, can only be connected to the suspension block, an FPD defined as a ‘pin’ can only be inserted in the release hook itself, meaning in a dangerous area considering the suspension block swinging overhead, where the operator has to remove his safety belt and open a hatch, jeopardising the breathing air reserve in tanker version lifeboat, and remove a shackle previously under tension.

BG Safe’s FPD is easily and quickly reattachable with no risk to the safety of the operator.

BG Safe S.r.l.

Operational Office and Workshop

Via delle Cateratte 92/14

57122 Livorno


Legal Address

Via L.A. Muratori, 19

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