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HORIBA Dynamometers for Engine Testing, Engine Emission Analysers and Water/Oil Analysers

The HORIBA group of worldwide companies provides an extensive array of analytical instruments and systems for various applications.

Engine emissions testing systems

HORIBA is one of the world’s leading suppliers of engine emissions testing systems, and also has a long history and vast experience in environmental monitoring. HORIBA’s products are widely used for proving engines’ conformity with related regulations and standards as well as for R&D purposes in various fields including marine applications.

Proven quality and trustworthy performance have established widespread confidence in the HORIBA brand.

Hydraulic dynamometers for engine testing

HORIBA provides various types of dynamometers for engine testing, including hydraulic dynamometers that are suitable for marine engines. DT series HORIBA hydraulic dynamometers are available in a wide variety of power ranges from 400kW up to 12,600kW.

Due to their robust construction, compact assembly and the use of high quality materials, DT dynamometers combine excellent performance with extremely low maintenance costs.

Exhaust gas analysers for marine engines

The HORIBA MEXA-1600D is one of the exhaust gas analysers that we provide for engine emission testing. The MEXA-1600D measures the CO, CO2, NOx, THC and O2 in exhaust gas from various engines, including those of vessels, with high accuracy.

The instrument also measures air-to-fuel or excess-air ratio. The instrument complies with the NOx technical code of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) as well as ISO-8178-1:2006.

In addition, HORIBA has a special model for marine vessels, MEXA-1600DS. Having the instrument split into two dedicated carts makes it easy to transport and move around for analysis needs in various locations on marine vessels.

Non-sampling measurement of NOx and O2

HORIBA provides the NEXA-720NOx portable all-in-one analyser that provides fast, accurate measurements of NOx and O2 concentration in engine exhaust gas. It is also capable of measuring air-to-fuel ratio or excess-air ratio.

The MEXA-720NOx utilises a ZrO2-type NOx/O2 sensing method that is adopted in the ISO 8178-2:2008 for field testing of NOx emission. The MEXA-720NOx has various superior features for on-board testing, such as vibration/temperature-proof and fast response. This compact and versatile analyser realises simple and easy monitoring of marine exhaust gas.

On-board NOx monitoring system

HORIBA has participated in research activities organised by the marine air pollution preventing project (MP3) in Japan for several years. For the project, we’ve provided an on-board NOx monitoring system composed of a ZrO2-type NOx/O2 sensor (the same as that of MEXA-720NOx), a control unit and a data logger.

The sensor was mounted on the vessel’s exhaust pipe directly using a special positioning flange. It is possible for the system to easily monitor NOx and O2 concentration in the exhaust gas of an ocean-going ship, and provide continuous data at sea for analysis.

Portable freshwater and saltwater oil concentration unit

The HORIBA OCMA-305 is a portable unit for measuring oil concentration in both freshwater and saltwater. By injecting aqueous sample and solvent, and pushing a single button, the OCMA-305 takes over and does everything from extracting the oil components to measurement and drainage.

The pyro-electric sensor used achieves a wide dynamic range from 0mg/l to 200mg/l without range-switching. This makes the OCMA-305 perfect for fast, accurate measurements of all types of samples, from low to high concentration. The OCMA-305 can be applied to measurement of oil concentration in bilge and ballast, which is regulated by MARPOL 73/78.

Analysis of sulphur concentration in fuel oil

The HORIBA SLFA-2800 and SLFA-2100 measure sulphur components contained in various petroleum products from light fuel oil to heavy fuel oil.

Since the SLFA-2800/2100 has a high sensitivity (detection limit of 5ppm) and a wide measurement range (up to 9.999%), it is suitable for measuring sulphur concentration in marine fuel oil, which is regulated with the objective of achieving SOx emission control.

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