Line-Thrower is a company based in the Faroe Islands specializing in pneumatic line-throwers. The need to transfer lines between ships has long been something that has been associated with a certain degree of risk. When pair-trawling, the ships need to come very close and this has often had unfortunate consequences. The main problem was that the market for line-throwers has not really catered to the needs of those who need to use it
as an everyday working tool.

Pneumatic line thrower design

Our team of designers consist of seasoned fishermen with several years of experience, and have recognised a need and made a tool that simplifies the task of get lines across to other vessels safely, quickly and efficiently. The result of this invention was the very popular L-75 line-thrower.

The L-75 is manufactured in accordance with Danish Departmental Orders no. 743 from September 23, 1999, and is approved by the Faroese Occupational, Safety & Health Administration.

Pneumatic line throwers for marine vessels

At first, the L-75 was mainly aimed at the pair-trawling industry. However, today you can find the L-75 onboard all types of vessels including: supply vessels, tugs, ferries and merchant vessels that see this product as the solution to simplify the task of line throwing.

The L-75 pneumatic line thrower enables a line to be safely launched between two vessels.
Rugged and durable, the L-75 pneumatic line thrower has a range of 100m.
With no risk of spark emission, the L-75 pneumatic line thrower is an ideal tool for use in offshore or industrial shipping environments.

As a working tool you need something that is both fast and reliable. The pressure tank on the L-75 is 3.5 litres and the working pressure is 8 bars (max 10 bars). Owing to the small size of the pressure tank and the relative low pressure, the recharging time is only 30 seconds – if not less. If extra heaving lines are kept ready in the bucket, a second shot is ready to be launched approx. 30 sec. after the first

Since the L-75 is operating with an air pressure of only 10 bars, it makes the equipment very safe to handle. It is recharged directly from the working air system onboard the vessel and this is done by connecting a flexible hose from the vessel´s fixed working air system to the line thrower.

Robust, long-range pneumatic line throwers for deep-sea environments

The L–75 line thrower can throw a heaving line up to 100m the user is able to regulate the shooting distance with the trigger. The line thrower is made of plastic and stainless steel, which makes the product perfect for use in the rough marine environment. All parts of L-75 are acid-proof and maintenance-free. The throwing line is a 3mm polypropylene line, having a minimum breaking strength of 250kg. The storage bucket for
heaving lines can accommodate at least 4 heaving lines of 110 metres length.

Pneumatic line throwers for industrial and offshore marine environments

The L-75 is approved as a normal working pressure tool, e.g. pneumatic hammer or drilling machine etc. The low pressure ensures that there are no sparks or flames emitted from the L-75 when in use. This makes it safe in both oil and gas related environments.

How or if you want to mount it as a fixed installation is quite up to you, but when ordered everything you need is included in the package. In the unlikely event that something might break or be in need of changing all spare parts are easy to exchange without the need for service.

At the moment Line-Thrower Sp/f is not planning on entering the market for LSA approved line throwers. The L-75 does therefore not replace the LSA required line throwing device.