Crew habitability and noise exposure is a primary concern on ships, workboats and offshore platforms. In fact, it is so important that OSHA and ABS set standards to ensure not only safety, but also comfort, for personnel. Mascoat’s two marine-grade coatings, Marine-DTM and Sound Control-dB, can help companies meet or exceed those standards.

Introduced in 2008 and updated in 2011, ABS has set HAB habitability guidelines for areas and issues including accommodations, whole-body vibrations, noise level, extreme temperatures and lighting. The guide offers specific metrics for three levels of habitability: HAB, HAB+, and HAB++, with the HAB ++ notation demonstrating that the ship or platform offers the crew the premier level of habitability available and that the vessel meets the most impressive and comprehensive standards. These levels not only ensure the safety of crew, but with more vessels, looking for a way to be competitive in recruiting and retaining their talent and staff, quality of life has become an important factor onboard their vessel, and vessels that have met these standards are more desirable to work and continuing working for.

The Mascoat Marine-DTM coating is an excellent choice for thermal insulation and heat control, reducing radiant heat gain and limiting heat transfer between compartments. Mascoat Sound Control-dB dampens sound and greatly reduces vibrations from sources such as engine rooms and other mechanical processes, allowing for personnel to be more comfortable and safe from exposure to elevated noise levels (which may be detrimental to a person’s hearing).

Adding to standards that ensure comfort and safety, according to OSHA Standard 1910.95, crews can only be exposed to specific sound levels for a specific amount of time. The Sound Control-dB coating also helps crew stay safer, for longer periods of time, while protecting them from loud noises and vibrations.

Not only do Mascoat’s coatings help companies meet and exceed the HAB and OSHA standards essential to safety, recruitment and retainment of crews, they may save millions of dollars in damages that may happen without insulating with Mascoat. In a 2005 study titled Statistical Analysis of Hearing Loss Among Navy Personnel, the authors state "preventative methods may reduce damage to the hearing of navy personnel. This will preserve quality of life for personnel, and save millions of dollars for government." Essentially, the extensive study shows that it costs companies a lot more money to cover workplace injuries and damage to personnel’s ears while on the job, than it does to pay for an easy application to prevent workplace injuries.

For more information on how Mascoat can help your build meet and exceed OSHA and HAB guidelines and protect your vessel or platform crew, please call 1-800-549-0043 or email our Marine Technical Specialist Andy Margarit at