In late 2011, a global leader in petroleum refining met with a coating specialist from Mascoat about an issue they were experiencing with much of their outdoor piping and equipment at their New Jersey facility.

As many refining and petroleum companies do, they were having some severe Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) issues on many pieces of equipment, especially piping that was running under the 300°F (149°C). They had discovered that conventional ways of insulating these pieces of equipment was not protecting them sufficiently.

After discussing thermal insulation coating technology with a Mascoat Coating Specialist, it was decided to try the product on a few pipe runs at the facility. The customer wanted to see how it would perform in hopes that it would not only stop the corrosion issues, but also insulate and provide some level of personnel protection.

The onsite painting contractor, West Virginia Paint, worked with Mascoat and applied approximately 140 mils (3.5 mm) of Mascoat Industrial-DTI to the 250°F (121°C) pipe, while it was in service. After the application was completed, the pipe was much lower in temperature than was required for their 140°F (60°C) personnel protection limits. The pipe was also 100% protected from the elements, unlike much of their conventionally insulated vessels.

Since the test was such a great success, the company expanded the use of Mascoat’s coatings on other types of vessels to help stop the issues of corrosion and to help protect personnel from being burned.