The AUTEC Vessel Ranger is a 192ft Offshore Naval Research Vessel (OSV) that is used for various oceanic research projects for the Navy as well as other organizations.

In an effort to extend the life of some of the vessels instead or replacing them, select vessels enter the governments Service Life Extension Program. (SLEP) The SS Ranger was selected as one of these vessels.

Instead of scrapping the hulls of outdated vessels, the SLEP works with shipyards to completely overhaul vessels and restore them to like new condition. In some cases, like the Ranger, they completely repurpose the vessel. The Ranger will soon become a torpedo recovery vessel after a few short months of retrofitting.

In December of 2011 BAE Ship Repair of Jacksonville, FL started the retrofit project of the Ranger. The entire interior was stripped down to the bare bulkheads and blasted. Afterwards, Mascoat Marine-DTM and Mascoat Sound Control-dB were applied to various areas of the vessel to stop the rampant condensation and vibration issues the vessel used to experience. Since Mascoat Marine-DTM is applied directly to the substrate, the constant corrosion problems that were prevalent for years will no longer be an issue on the vessel. The thermal insulating coating was also applied to the side shell to control the solar loading that the boat experienced for extended periods at sea.

The Ranger also had sound issues stemming from engine room noise that would reverberate throughout the ship. Mascoat Sound Control-dB was seen as the best option to fix the issues due to its comparative lightweight and ease of application. The coating was applied to areas of the engine room, as well as some other accommodation spaces of the boat that were louder than is allowed by OSHA and Navy requirements.

After applying Mascoat’s thermal insulating and sound damping coatings, the Ranger has become much more comfortable for the crew. The vessel no longer experiences the negative effects from constant condensation that affected everything from the performance of the onboard equipment to the long-term maintenance and well-being of the vessel. Vibrations and noise have been greatly reduced, resulting in enhance personnel protection and comfort.