Vessel names: Creole Queen and Creole Sue, LeBeouf Towing LLC
Year completed: 2012
Shipyard: Bourg Dry Dock, Bourg, LA
Coating used: Mascoat Marine-DTM, 100 mils and Mascoat Sound Control-dB, 120 mils
Time to complete: Coating was applied via airless spray equipment with a 3-man crew in three days.

In mid 2012, LeBeouf Brothers Towing (LBT), a leading tug operator out of Louisiana, met with a representative from Mascoat concerning two upcoming builds. LeBeouf was looking for a better way to not only insulate some of the areas of their vessels, but a way to quiet them down while they were in operation on the Gulf Coast.

The two vessels, the Creole Sue and Creole Queen, were not new builds; however, they were being rebuilt at the Bourg Dry dock facility. Like many vessel owners, LBT was looking for a better way to insulate as well as find an effective way to stop condensation. They applied Mascoat Marine-DTM to the pilothouse to replace the conventional insulation that they were currently using. Trained by Mascoat staff, a 3-man crew applied 100 mils.

Since these boats were refits, LBT was already aware of some sound issues on both boats. After discussions with Mascoat, it was decided to use 120 mils of Mascoat Sound Control-dB in the engine room and adjacent areas as well as some in the living spaces. The fully trained crew applied the coating with ease in all areas.

Both boats have received rave reviews and are exceeding thermal and sound expectations from both the owners and vessels’ crews. LBT has decided to continue the use of both of the coatings provided by Mascoat on all current and future builds.