Nordic Marine (Asia) Lifeboat Services (NMALS) was established in September 2003 by a group of experienced personnel who had serviced thousands of lifeboats and davit-winch systems over the years.

Lifeboat and davit-winch repair, testing, commissioning and sales, and offshore survival systems

NMALS provides services according to the standard requirements of SOLAS and IMO regulations and is particularly specialized in the following areas:

  • Service/maintenance of marine lifeboats, including the overhauling of main hook release mechanisms, repair to fibreglass boat bodies, servicing of air-supply systems, servicing of sprinkler systems, and servicing/overhauling of engines and steering gears
  • Voyage repairs to lifeboats and davit-winch system
  • Testing and commissioning of lifeboats and rescue boats
  • Sales and service of davit-winch systems for lifeboats and rescue boats
  • Sales and servicing of offshore survival systems
  • Design and fabrication of industrial fibreglass products including fire and safety cabinets and equipment boxes, fibreglass containers and water storage tanks

SOLAS-standard lifeboat repair and servicing

Under SOLAS regulations for operational readiness, each lifesaving appliance must be in good working order and ready for immediate use at all times when the unit is in operation. Our company helps to achieve this by providing the following services:

  • Hull repairs to applicable various lifeboat manufacturer specifications using approved company repair procedures
  • Hull preservation or refurbishment using approved surface treatment fire-retardant paint and/or gel-coating systems
  • Fiberglass hull repair to vessel class requirements
  • Engine overhaul, servicing or renewal
  • Repair, renewal or overhauling of lifting hooks and quick release systems
  • Servicing of hydrostatic release units
  • Compressed air systems servicing, including hydrostatic testing and refilling of air bottles
  • Engine endurance and speed testing
  • Water spray system overhauling, servicing and testing
  • Electrical system troubleshooting and repairs
  • Hydraulic control systems overhauling or servicing

Lifeboat and launching systems service / repair technicians

Since the inception of the company in September 2003, it has successfully carried out service/repair jobs for more than 1,000 lifeboats and launching systems.

Boat lowering test.
110% load test for hook release system.
Overhauled winch.
Upgrading of lifeboat using old davit.

NMALS is very concerned about staff training and has sent its technical staff for training with Hyundai Lifeboats, Oriental Inspection & Service, Hai Hong Boat Making, and other major Japanese brands in lifeboat maintenance, hook service/repairs and launching system service repairs.

The training, know-how, skill and knowledge our professional staff have acquired throughout the years have contributed to NMALS’ position as an experienced lifeboat repairer and life saving equipment provider.

NMALS strives to be an excellent and reliable service specialist for lifeboats and davit-winch systems.