Prolink International AS has supplied the marine industry with photo-luminescent signage for International Maritime Organization (IMO) standard fire and safety signage for many years.

We have also delivered and installed low location lighting (LLL) in new buildings and replaced old systems on board sailing ships.

Prolink can do a complete signage job based on fire and safety plans / drawings. We can also design complete sign and low locating plans.

Low location lighting and signage installation

Prolink can help with the installation of signs and LLL aboard ships. We can deliver the necessary documentation both for signs and LLL systems.

Prolink offers all kinds of safety and information signs.
We offer most of the design and production of our own signs.
Prolink can help with the plan and installation of low location lighting.
We offer various safety and information signs and can customise stock signs as per customer specifications.
Prolink signs are manufactured in accordance with SOLAS and IMO regulations.

Our signs and LLL are manufactured in accordance with SOLAS and IMO regulations. Our products are DNV wheel marked.

Prolink is also certified by DNV to carry out the survey of LLL systems according to ISO 15370 and IMO Resolution A752 (18).

After glowing or reflective signage

Prolink offers all kinds of safety and information signs in different qualities. We are able to tailor make signs from your requests. As a customer you can specify customised versions of the following:

  • Safety signs
  • Exit signs
  • Escape marking
  • Fire symbol signs
  • IMO signs
  • Information signs
  • Bespoke photo-luminescent and other signs
  • Photo-luminescent Low -level lighting systems
  • Photo-luminescent tapes
  • Security and anti-leak tapes.
  • A frame freestanding obstacle or warning signs
  • Safety awareness and training posters.
  • Safety equipment mandatory signs
  • ISPS code signs
  • Stair nosing with photo-luminescent marking

Design, production and survey of photo-luminescent LLL systems

We can design, install and document photo-luminescent LLL systems.

Prolink International AS is certified by DNV to carry out testing of photo-luminescent LLL systems. Both new installation and five-year testing of LLL, defined by IMO resolution IMO 752(18) and according to ISO 15370. Prolink makes measurement reports and documentation according to IMO demands.

Quick delivery of IMO and marine safety signs

Due to the fact that we do most of the design and production of our own signs we are able to quickly deliver most kinds of:

  • IMO signs
  • Safety signs
  • Fire equipment signs
  • Photo-luminescent low -level lighting systems
  • LLL signs
  • Aluminium profiles for LLL systems
  • Customised signs for specific applications
  • Posters and banners


Prolink International is an excellent business partner for customers with the highest standards, who expect experience, service and long lasting relationships.

We are dedicated to helping our customers find the right product when it comes to signage and low level lighting.