ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation, through its ProRox and SeaRox product lines, develops innovative technical insulation solutions for the offshore, shipbuilding, petrochemical, process and power industries.

The company’s over 75 years of experience are reflected in a complete set of high-grade products and expert advice. Today, ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation’s dedicated and technically experienced employees remain fully committed to providing the very best service and tools in the market and a total range of cutting-edge insulation solutions.

Marine and offshore insulation

ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation has subsumed its product range into two specialist categories. ProRox covers its solutions for technical installations in the process industry and SeaRox comprises the full marine and offshore range.

For many years, ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation has been one of the biggest suppliers in the shipbuilding and offshore industry. As part of its global strategic approach, the company offers a uniform, transparent and harmonised product range globally. In the marine sector this is crucial, making it easier for you to secure the right material for every project.

ROCKWOOL SeaRox provides technical insulation solutions shaped by experts. We share our knowledge to your advantage and help to shape up your business.
ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation ensures that marine and offshore installations have in place the proper thermal, acoustical and fire-safe insulation.
All ROCKWOOL SeaRox products fulfill the IMO rules of non-combustibility and low flame spread. They have excellent water-repellent, thermal and noise-reduction properties which are important as comfort insulation for living quarters on offshore platforms.
The SeaRox acoustic foil system is specifically designed for sound absorption in engine and cargo pump rooms and similar applications. Download our Acoustic Manual on our website.
Look for our new future- proof PFP constructions according to the latest IMO 2010 FTP code. Five main constructions are insulated with just one product, ROCKWOOL SeaRox SL 620.

High-quality insulation products

As an innovation-driven company, ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation demands excellence. In every segment it keeps searching for new systems, methods and solutions, and endeavours to develop ever more efficient products and to constantly optimise production processes and processing technologies.

ROCKWOOL products can withstand temperatures up to 1000°C, making them exceptionally resistant to fire. This resistance can slow a fire’s progress and buy precious time for rescue operations, while helping to protect the building’s structure from unnecessary damage. Yet while heat and flames are bad enough in a fire, smoke is the serious danger. It can suffocate occupants and incapacitate people who might otherwise have been able to escape. ROCKWOOL insulation keeps toxic smoke from insulation to a minimum for even greater safety.

All ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation solutions meet the most stringent quality and safety standards. The company’s products and constructions have been tested according to the latest regulations and approved by all major classification societies.

Stone wool insulation expertise

ROCKWOOL products offer effective protection and optimal performance for the entire lifecycle of the installation. According to independent research, ROCKWOOL is one of the most durable products available with an unequalled combination in the field of environmental improvement, energy savings, CO2 reduction, acoustic insulation and fire safety. Over its lifecycle, ROCKWOOL insulation will save more than 20,000 times the carbon emissions caused by its production. The fire-retardant and fire-insulating characteristics of the company’s stone wool products deliver superior protection to people, property and the environment.

ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation employees know individual markets down to the smallest detail and provide continual knowledge and service for the benefit of clients. Besides excellent insulation products, they are the real key to the company’s success. Thanks to their expertise and extensive experience, ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation can offer you exceptional stone wool solutions, expert tools and an impeccable service.

The in-depth expertise of ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation employees is the best guarantee that end users are given the best and most advanced insulation solution. The company’s stone wool products offer the highest possible protection against heat and energy loss, fire, noise and other unwanted influences. Its experts are delighted to share their knowledge and advise clients in drawing up technical and project specifications.


ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation is a subsidiary of the ROCKWOOL Group, the world’s largest and most experienced producer of stone wool products. Based in Hedehusene, Denmark, parent company ROCKWOOL International had a net turnover of approximately €1.97bn in 2012. ROCKWOOL International has 27 factories in Europe, North America and Asia, and employs around 9,700 people.