Sing-Lloyd (SILO) is an independent UKAS accredited ISO 9001:2008 Classification Organization, with the purpose of safeguarding life, property at sea and the prevention of pollution of the maritime environment, which carries out its classification activities in an impartial and objective way in compliance with SING-LLOYD Class Rules and Regulation as well as in accordance to the International Conventions and Codes.

SILO is also a leading independent third party surveying organisation that provide independent high quality marine and engineering consultancy, survey and certification services to the maritime and the Oil and Gas industry.

Our classification and consultancy services are performed through our extensive global network of offices and representatives by experience and/or systematically trained and well qualified surveyors, approval engineers and professionals. Collectively we offer not only diverse scope and depth of technical skills and expertise but also an awareness of the local cultures, customs and sensitivities.

Recognised organisation and recognised security organisation

SING-LLOYD is currently duly authorised by the Government of Sierra Leone, Kingdom of Mongolia, Government of Cook Islands and the Commonwealth of Dominica as Recognised Organisation (RO) and Recognised Security Organisation (RSO) in full compliance with IMO Res A789 (19) and A739(18), to act on behalf for the statutory surveys, reviews and approval of documents required by the IMO Conventions and Codes and issuance of statutory certificates.

Sing-Lloyd specialises in safeguarding your assets and our marine environment
The company offers professionalism through competency.
Sing-Lloyd provides peace of mind through an established, relevant and effective management system.

In addition, SING-LLOYD is also one of the few RO and RSO apart from the IACS members that is recognised by the China MSA and permitted to operate in China albeit the stringent audits and acceptance requirements by the Chinese Government agency.

Industrial and maritime training

Sing-Lloyd recognised that in order to succeed in today’s world of ever-evolving challenges and changes in the maritime and the oil and gas industries where regulatory requirements seem to change on an almost daily basis, companies need to be more flexible, innovative, adaptive, fast moving and learning.

Thus Sing-Lloyd is also committed to being your training partner that provides innovative solution to all of your training needs as we can even deliver tailor training programs which extend beyond the traditional curriculum and present you with practical solutions to help organisations meet their specific goals and objectives immediately at your facility around the world.

Our realistic, challenging and applicable training programs have enhanced thousands of professionals internationally and our highly motivated, results and response oriented trainers and instructors can assist you to achieve immediate and long term goals and gives us the ability to create customised training programmes based on your specific procedure, policy, equipment, facilities and operational requirements. We will organise our training to prepare the attendees to the best of our ability for future challenges.