Informative data sheets for the entire range of Comet’s SOLAS products, plus leisure and aviation signals, are now available on its website to download vital information on the leading range of marine distress signals.

Comet’s product data sheets have been updated and redesigned to include key benefits such as Safety Of Life At Sea (SOLAS) approval numbers, main features, specifications, instructions, packing details and dangerous goods references.
The comprehensive A4 data sheets are in PDF form so they can be quickly and easily downloaded from Comet’s website.

Sales director Justine Heeley says, “The quality and technological superiority of Comet’s products – combined with worldwide SOLAS approvals and manufacturing to ISO 9001 standard – has placed us at the forefront of marine safety.”

“Our easy-to-read data sheets contain key safety features, so shipowners, crews, safety officers, trainers and other users can fully understand the quality specification and design of our products.”

Product manager, Keith Bradford, added that the data sheets are ideal for ships’ training manual entries. “You can download them and put them into the ship’s training manual to familiarise crew with the safety equipment and how it works.”

In addition, material-safety data sheets and approval certificates can be viewed and downloaded. They include vital manufacturer information and emergency contact details as well as hazard identification and what to do in the event of a fire or accident.