Comet, a leading manufacturer of marine distress signals for the commercial and leisure marine markets, has found that its new website,, is proving to be a hit with Comet distributors and customers.

The site, designed for trade and commercial use as well as general consumers, is clear and easy to use.

Visitors are greeted with a welcome page giving an introduction to the company with a clear navigation system along the left side of the page with further choices for visitors to choose from.

In the Commercial and Leisure sections, users have a host of information about all of the products. These two sections are in turn sub-divided into Solas and Non Solas and Marine, Aviation and Outdoor Pursuits. Each sub-section then has further information about the individual pyrotechnics together with photographs of each.

An ‘about us’ page gives the history of the company and a full ‘document centre’ lists all the marine distress signals, with useful downloads giving further information such as composition of the pyrotechnics, hazard information, operation and specification.

Further pages contain the latest company news with press releases available to download, all the events that the company and its distributors will be exhibiting at, frequently asked questions and useful links.

A further section allows distributors to log in to their own section and there is a world map where visitors can search to find their nearest distributor as well as a link to a Google map to find the exact location for most parts of the world. Users can also download the product brochure.