The oldest team to row across the Atlantic, sponsored by Chemring Marine, the world’s leading marine distress signal company, took just 48 days to finish.

The Corinthians team, Elliot Dale (54), Chris Walters (52), Brian Fletcher (58) and Tony Short (67), from Dorset and Devon, has a combined age of 231 years – 54 years more than the previous oldest victors.

The Corinthians finished the 3,000-mile race from the Canaries to Barbados in 48 days, eight hours and three minutes and came in sixth place in their ocean rowing boat Spirit of Corinth.

The team says, "Well we finally made it! At about 18.45 local time, on Sunday the twenty-first of January, we took our first steps on land for forty-eight days, thus completing the challenge of rowing across the Atlantic Ocean, and breaking our own target of fifty days. This has literally been one hell of a rollercoaster ride and so very hard.

"It is so difficult to put into words how we are all feeling at this precise moment and I really don’t think it will sink in for quite a while, but amidst all the conflicting emotions the feeling of gratitude stands out.

"We are so grateful to every single person who has helped us to achieve this feat, and to all the supporters around the world who have kept us going with regular messages of encouragement and support – Thank you all!
Chemring Marine donated a full set of marine distress signals to the Corinthians, which each team had to have as part of its compulsory race safety equipment.

Andrew Pocock, Corinthians Team Co-Ordinator, says, "Race rules stipulate each team must carry a full set of flares suitable for ocean race conditions. In the event of an emergency full safety equipment is essential. We approached Chemring Marine based upon recommendation and our own knowledge of the quality and reliability of their products."

The Corinthians Atlantic Challenge 2011 team members all belong to the Lyme Regis Cornish Pilot Gig Rowing Club and row competitively for Lyme Regis in Regattas and the Cornish Pilot Gig World Championships in the Scillies.

The Corinthians are hoping to raise £60,000 for two charities, the British Heart Foundation, because it has helped family members, and regional charity ShelterBox, which responds to natural disasters. For more details, go to

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