Lord Mervyn Davies, head of UKTI, has praised Chemring Marine for being the world’s top marine distress signals company.

Writing for Lloyds’ List, he said: “Many UK companies are at the forefront of marine safety. Chemring Marine is, by far, the world leader in the supply of marine distress signals, under the brand names Pains Wessex and Comet.”

UK marine industries employ 630,000 people and generate annual sales of £62 billion, giving the UK a 3.1% share of the £2 trillion global market, said Lord Davies.

“UK marine companies are high-tech and inventive, as well as being reliable and cost-effective. These are qualities that are appreciated around the world.

“The marine sector represents an important part of the UK’s general excellence in advanced engineering, by which I mean companies involved in the development of advanced products, processes or services that employ research, or continuous development capability, where these are applied to various sorts of end use – including marine design and manufacture.”

Lord Davies’ comments came during the UK Trade and Investment’s Maritime Industries Roadshow in June, which hosted delegates from major and emerging markets and arranged meetings with potential UK suppliers.

Chemring Marine managing director Robert Hill said: “Lord Davies is an eloquent ambassador for the sector. He is extremely well-versed in the issues in the marine safety industry and has addressed the UKTI Marine Sector Advisory Group.”

Chemring Marine has been at the forefront of campaigning for improved global marine safety regulations, including introducing standardised rules on replacing dated safety products.