Leading marine distress signal brand Pains Wessex has completed a comprehensive review of its product data sheets, which are designed to be used as ships training manual entries and are now available on its website.

The informative data sheets/training manuals, which are free for to download for distributors and customers, incorporate the complete range of Pains Wessex Safety Of Life At Sea (SOLAS) products and related commercial and leisure products.

The A4 data sheets include important information concerning application, operation and storage advice, technical specification, approvals, packing and transportation and more.

Ships are required to have product information for SOLAS life saving equipment in their on-board training manuals, so Pains Wessex has made it quick and simple for the crew to access, download and incorporate the data sheets into their safety briefings.

Pains Wessex product manager, Keith Bradford, says, “The data sheets, which are in our document centre, are in pdf form, so they can be easily viewed on a computer, downloaded and printed. They include both commercial and leisure products.”

As well as the data sheets, product type approval certificates from individual countries, material safety data sheets (MSDS) and packing specifications, which contain additional product and safety information for storage and transport purposes, plus declarations of conformity, are all available in the document centre to assist customers.