Chemring Marine is an excellent company that’s a pleasure to deal with. That’s the message from United States Pains Wessex marine distress signals distributor Alexander Ryan Marine and Safety Company, which has the largest liferaft service station in the country.

Alexander Industries was founded in 1963. It was acquired by the current owner John Ryan in 1990 and changed its name. It provides top-quality marine safety products and services, including Pains Wessex products, to the oil and gas Industry worldwide. Its headquarters is in Houston, Texas, and it has offices in New Orleans and New Iberia, Louisiana.

New Orleans vice president Jerry Hamby says, “Chemring Marine is an outstanding company and we have dealt with them ever since I have been here. We like their personnel and we really enjoy working with Americas sales manager James Chandler, managing director Justine Heeley and their colleagues. They are friendly and knowledgeable and they deliver on time. Their products are very reliable. We have never seen a failure.”

Pains Wessex products have a high profile throughout America. “They are the number one marine distress signal brand and are well-known.”

Chemring Marine is the world’s leading supplier of SOLAS, MED and USCG-approved marine distress signals to commercial and leisure marine markets through its Pains Wessex and Comet brands.