A pioneering marine distress signal disposal service has been launched by Chemring Marine distributor WH Brennan in Singapore.

The company is believed to be the first authorised by the local authority to collect expired pyrotechnics and lithium batteries through Singapore ports for proper disposal by government-approved contractors.

Ramli Yusoff, General Manager, of WH Brennan’s Marine Safety Division says the new service is of vital importance, as some spent marine distress signals were previously disposed of inappropriately or mis-sold as new products.

"The new arrangement is very important, as for years Ship Masters have a hard time disposing of expired pyrotechnics," he said.

"As the regional representative for Pains Wessex marine distress signals, we are proud that the new arrangement will prevent expired pyrotechnics from being ‘recycled’ by unscrupulous parties and sold on as new products. This also ensures that the expired pyrotechnics do not fall into the wrong hands."

Previously, expired flares had to be collected from customers’ premises or delivered to WH Brennan’s Singapore offices. Now they can come through the ports as long as a customs permit is obtained and Goods and Services Tax (GST) has been paid.

The spent marine distress signals are stored in an approved bunker before proper disposal by authorised explosive disposal contractors.

Customers inform WH Brennan at least five days in advance that they have products for disposal and fill in an official form. The company applies for a customs permit based strictly on the information given, which is normally approved in three or four days. WH Brennan then safely brings in the expired marine distress signals through the ports.