0There has been massive interest in the new Pains Wessex Manoverboard, which was unveiled at the SMM Hamburg commercial shipping exhibition this month.

The preview of the new Manoverboard (MOB) Mark 9 drew strong interest among commercial shipping clients because of its improved features and lighter and more compact design.

It was also well received by the energy sector as it has a drop height of 60 metres, double the 30 metres required by SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) regulations, which makes it suitable for use on oil and gas rigs.

Pains Wessex is the world’s leading brand of marine distress signals and is manufactured by UK-based Drew Marine Signal and Safety.

Managing Director Justine Heeley says, "The team at Drew Marine Signal and Safety received a lot of interest from distributors, potential customers and the marine press about the new Manoverboard. Everyone was impressed by the new improved features, the latest technological advances and the highest levels of safety provided."

The next generation MOB’s benefits include being:

  • Smaller – at 375mm
  • Lighter – 3.8kg, including the bracket
  • Easier to install – ‘fit and forget’
  • Safe to use on oil-covered water
  • Suitable for a drop height of up to 60metres
  • Simple to replace individual LED bulbs

The MOB has individual LED light pods for quick installation and testing and a new retaining clip to prevent accidental deployment in rough seas. Its single-piece stainless steel bracket allows it to fit existing installations.

Drew Marine Signal and Safety is the world’s leading supplier of SOLAS, MED & USCG-approved marine distress signals to commercial and leisure marine markets.

Pains Wessex products have been helping to save lives for more than 100 years and are specified by the world’s navies, merchant fleets, fishing vessels, rescue services, airlines and leisure craft. They are available through a global network of more than 200 distributors.

Drew Marine Signal and Safety, based in Havant, in the UK, is at the forefront of campaigning for improved global marine safety regulations to ensure the safety of mariners throughout the world.