Founded in 1987, BO & AC Nederland specializes in biocides for fuel preservation and protection, supplying a range of filtration and treatment products to the technical industries and end-users in particular. We also import Fuel Mag from New Zealand (magnetic fuel units to fight microorganisms in diesel/gas oil) and BioSolve, a Hydrocarbon Mitigation Agent, for the European market.

Our employees can boast of more than 20 years experience in the field of micro-organisms, business hygiene and biocides.


FuelMag controls microbial contamination in diesel fuel, lube and hydraulic oils and other light distillates. The FuelMag range of equipment is the next generation of fuel & lube oil conditioning units to control the problem of microbiological contamination with the following new benefits:

  • No more plugged filters and tank cleaning
  • Extended pump, injectors and fuel life
  • Enhanced combustion
  • Engines run better, smoke less
  • Less maintenance and downtime
  • Lower operating cost
  • Increased safety and reliability


The RCI Purifier is a unique product capable of water separation without expensive filter elements. The RCI Purifier utilizes a well known simple centrifugal principle to eliminate fuel filter clogging and related breakdowns, delays and frequent filter replacement, and increase the engine’s power and efficiency.

BO & AC supplies Netbiokem SP 15 and Fuel Mag magnet units, both proven permanent fuel protection systems, and the RCI purifier, a water separator without expensive filter elements.
The FuelMag range of equipment is the next generation of fuel & lube oil conditioning units to control the problem of microbiological contamination.
The effectiveness of Netbiokem SP 15 has been proven over a number of years and it has extensive approvals endorsing its use in a wide range of fuel types.

The RCI Fuel Purifier is installed between the fuel tank and the primary fuel filter to remove over 99% of the free water and up to 98% of suspended solids (below 5 microns) from the fuel filter. The RCI Fuel Purifier once fitted, requires no more maintenance than periodic draining to remove contaminants from the fuel system. There are no filter elements to be replaced, nor parts to service.


BioSolve® is a unique blend of water-based biodegradable surfactants that has an enormous affinity for hydrocarbons. This affinity makes BioSolve® different from any other product on the market.

BioSolve® emulsifies and encapsulates hydrocarbons. These features render a volatile petrochemical non-flammable through encapsulation and at the same time emulsificaton speeds up the natural biodegradation process by separating the long-chain hydrocarbons into micro-emulsions.

These actions make BioSolve® unique, versatile, and environmentally supportive in spill clean-up, firefighting, bioremediation, vapor suppression and other cleaning applications.

An additional design characteristic of BioSolve® is to “release” the hydrocarbon, when needed, for recapture and recycling.

  • BioSolve® contains no toxic solvents, harsh caustics, acids or d-limonene
  • No special storage precautions are necessary

BioSolve® enhances degradation and suppression of vapors, making it ideal for a wide variety of marine applications:

  • Bilge cleaning
  • Vapor/odor suppression
  • Spill response/clean-up
  • Fire fighting
  • Ballast & holding tank cleaning
  • Deckside emulsifier
  • General and equipment cleaning