TeamTec is a leading producer of marine incinerators and stripping ejectors for the shipping, marine and offshore industries.

We supply the market with high-quality products that meet the latest industry standards in regulations and safety through our knowledge and expertise, in conjunction with unique facilities and in-house engineering, casting and production.

High-tech marine incinerators

The incineration of liquid and solid waste is one of the most environmentally friendly methods of waste management in the marine and offshore industry.

Onboard incineration, together with local management of sludge oil and solid waste, is very much recommended by the International Marine Organisation (IMO), in addition to the class societies.

TeamTec provides industry-leading marine incinerators and stripping ejectors.
The OG120C incinerator is one of the OG120 models, which are the ideal choice for waste treatment onboard small and medium-sized vessels.
The OG200CS model contains a sluice for the continuous feeding of solid waste.
The OG400CS model is one of TeamTec's most popular incinerators, with a capacity of approximately 50kg of waste an hour.
The GS500CS model has a capacity of 731,000 kcal/h (850kW).
The GS900CSX model has a capacity of 1,177,300kcal/h (1,369kW).
The GS1000CRSX model has a capacity of 1,290,000kcal/h (1,500kW).
TeamTec is able to offer up to 20-year warranties for its stripping ejectors, which are made from high-grade bronze alloys.
Stripping ejectors have become obligatory on today's shipping vessels.

TeamTec’s range of high-tech marine incinerator models and versions provide the best solution for waste treatment onboard vessels, offshore units and onshore facilities. Covering capacities from 189,000kcal/h to 1,290,000kcal/h, the incinerators are computerised to ensure daily use is simple, safe and automated throughout the life of the product. Our entire range of incinerators is compliant with IMO regulations.
The following materials/items can be incinerated:

  • Plastic, cardboard, wood
  • Rubber, cloth, oily rags, lub oil filters
  • Diesel engine scavenge scrapings
  • Paint scrapings
  • Food waste
  • Sludge oil, waste lubrication oil
  • Hospital waste, female hygienic binds
  • Contaminated water

All our incinerators have the option of being equipped with a TeamTec bilge water injection system, which functions to reduce the load on the oily water separator by using the heat from the sludge oil combustion, without any additional diesel oil consumption.

Incinerators for waste treatment onboard small and medium-sized vessels

The OG120 models possess a rugged and reduced size, making it an obvious first choice for the waste treatment onboard small and medium-sized vessels. The smallest incinerator in our range is 189,000kcal/h (220kw).

The range includes:

  • OG120C: maximum capacity for burning sludge oil is 29l/h, while solid waste is batch loaded into the combustion chamber
  • OC120CW: a specialised version for burning of solid waste only, with batch loading of 200l per load
  • OG200: one of our most popular models, with a thermal capacity of 400,000kcal/h (465kW)
  • OG200C: mainly designed to burn sludge oil with its maximum capacity of 53l/h; 400l of solid waste can be batch loaded during the warm-up period
  • OG200CS: one of our most popular incinerators; capacity of approximately 50kg/h
  • OG200CW and CWS: the W-versions of this model are for burning solid waste only

Waste treatment incinerators for medium-sized vessels

The OG400C model efficiently burns sludge oil at a quick rate, making it an ideal waste treatment choice for many ships.

The OG400C offers capacities ranging from 512,000kcal/h (596kW) up to 81l/h of sludge oil.

With a footprint of only 1,000mm x 1,000mm, the OG400C and OG400CS have a maximum capacity for burning sludge oil of 74l/h. The capacity is increased to 81l/h with bilge water injection.

OG400CW and CWS are solid waste only versions. The OG400CW offers batch loading of 400l per load, while the OG400CSW has an hourly capacity of 50kg of waste.

Marine incinerators for large vessels

For ships that require a waste treatment systems that can efficiently handle large amounts of waste, the GS500C is one of the most effective marine incinerators on the market today Available in manual or automatic feeding modes of solid waste and full automatic sludge burning, the range includes:

  • GS500C and GS500CS: thermal capacity of 731,000kcal/h (850kW) and sludge oil capacity of 100l/h; continuous feeding of solid waste, approximately 135kg/h
  • GS500CIC: maximum capacity of 800,000 kcal/h (930 kW); mainly meant for sludge oil burning but batch loading of solid waste is possible (400l/load)
  • GS500CSW: a specialised version for burning solid waste only; maximum capacity of 135kg/h, with continuous feeding through the big sluice
  • GS500CGSW: option to increase capacity up to 150kg/h of solid waste
  • GS500CFGS and GS500CFGSW: our flagship within this model; a combination of the GS500CGSW and an automatic feeding system of the solid waste

Efficient and environmentally-friendly marine incinerators

The GS900C is one of the most effective, compact and environmentally friendly marine incinerators on the market today. The range includes:

  • GS900CX: capacity of 1,177,300kcal/h (1,369 kW); burns 162l/h of sludge oil
  • GS900CRSX: suitable for combining the burning of sludge oil and solid waste; a big, top-mounted sluice for continuous feeding of solid waste; 150kg/h capacity
  • The GS1000C: the most compact marine incinerator – relative to capacity – on the market today; a 1,500kW capacity; NOx-reducing bilge water injection is standard

High-capacity marine incinerators

GS1000CX and GS1000CRSX are our biggest models, with a capacity of 171l/h of sludge oil and 237l/h of bilge water.

This model comes in two versions: the GS1000CX, mainly for sludge oil burning, and the GS1000CRSX, for burning both sludge oil and solid waste simultaneously. The GS1000CRSX has a top-mounted sluice for feeding of the solid waste.

Industry compliant marine incinerators

TeamTec’s incinerators are certified in compliance with IMO Resolution MEPC. 76(40) adopted on 25th September 1997, ‘Standard Specifications of Shipboard Incinerators’, with amendments 98/85/EC, 2001/53/EC, 2002/75/EC, and IMO MARPOL ANNEX VI, adopted on 26th September 1997.

In addition to these regulations, the company maintains type approvals from DNV, USCG, ABS, LRS, GL and RMRS for most models.

Stripping ejectors for the shipping industry

TeamTec’s stripping ejectors are among the most effective solutions available to the shipping industry, due to its combination of high-quality material and skilful construction, which meets onboard requirements.

Obligatory on most ships built today, stripping ejectors are efficient liquid jet pumps for stripping cargo tanks, ballast water tanks, cargo holds, engine rooms and bilge.

The benefits of stripping ejectors include no moving parts, large internal clearances and no loss of suction ability.

High-grade bronze alloy ejectors

Our standard stripping ejectors are made of high-grade bronze alloys, with a nozzle in monel metal or in AISI 316. However, we are able to provide ejectors in a wide range of other high-quality materials.

Our use of high-grade materials enables us to offer five to 20-year warranties for our products, which will normally operate maintenance-free throughout the ship’s lifetime.

Custom designed ejectors

TeamTec also provides ejectors for other specific purposes, including mud mixing, degassing, vacuuming and evacuation of air. We can tailor and engineer ejectors according to your needs.