Ascenz Marorka, a GTT Group company, is a Category Award Winner in Business Expansion, Innovation, Production Launches, and Environmental categories in the 2024 Ship Technology Excellence Awards.

The Ship Technology Excellence Awards celebrate the greatest achievements and innovations in the industry. The programme provides a platform to recognize the people and companies that are driving change and is powered by the business intelligence of GlobalData.

While Ascenz Marorka won in the Innovation category for its digital tools for LNG sloshing management, it won in the Business Expansion category for adding numerous new customers for its digital solutions for smart shipping that enable to optimise vessel energy and environmental performance. In the Product Launches category, the company was recognised for the launch of an advanced route optimisation solution.

Finally, in the Environmental category the company was recognised for developing digital platforms/tools that support decarbonisation.

LNG sloshing management

Digital tools

Ascenz Marorka won in the Innovation category for developing digital tools to address the challenges posed by LNG Sloshing in terms of cost, planning and safety.

Ascenz Marorka, in collaboration with GTT, has revolutionised sloshing management by employing machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to develop a suite of digital tools that provide actionable insights for sloshing management, pump tripping prevention, and maintenance.

The Sloshing Virtual Sensor characterises the liquid motion activity from the weather forecast. This was made possible thanks to hybrid models trained on GTT’s unique sloshing database. The two main characteristics estimated are the sloshing frequency and the sloshing pressure. The combination of both helps derive the sloshing intensity.

Additionally, Ascenz Marorka’s solutions offer an alternative to traditional tank inspection and maintenance cycles, combining risk analysis with digital technology to extend the period between surveys without compromising safety. The approach has garnered industry validation, with multiple Approvals in Principle from key classification societies.

Launch of advanced maritime route optimisation tool

Ascenz Marorka weather rerouting

Ascenz Marorka launched a state-of-the-art route optimisation solution, which aids ship captains and stakeholders in making decisions to enhance profitability and safety. The product’s holistic approach to addressing modern maritime challenges, adaptability, forward-looking features, and seamless integration with maritime operations won it the Product Launches award.

The solution’s compatibility with any vessel and propulsion systems is a key benefit, offering optimisation for voyage time, distance, fuel, costs, and emissions.

For LNG transport, it provides essential features such as sloshing and cargo loss prediction. Its adaptable algorithm tailors to specific voyage needs, improving its value in a diverse industry.

The solution’s predictive functions enable ship owners and charterers to jointly manage Carbon Intensity Index (CII) scores and EU ETS costs, aligning with new regulatory demands for performance optimisation.

By using a vessel’s digital twin, the software gives accurate advice for maintaining efficiency in all conditions, thus cutting fuel use and emissions.

Incorporating Traffic Separation Schemes (TSS) and providing live voyage recommendations, the solution ensures adherence to performance targets, demonstrating its thorough and practical voyage management. The Time Charter Equivalent (TCE) optimisation and scheduling tools help users enhance financial outcomes and anticipate fuel use and CII scores, aiding in both planning and on-the-fly adjustments.

Business expansion through key industry contracts

Ascenz Marorka business expansion

Ascenz Marorka’s innovative smart shipping solutions have attracted significant contracts with industry leaders such as GasLog, Global Ship Lease, and the Clean Products Tankers Alliance (CPTA).

Ascenz Marorka secured a significant contract with GasLog to equip its fleet of more than 35 LNG carriers with Smart Shipping solutions. The comprehensive five-year contract includes a suite of online applications for managing and optimising energy and environmental performance, as well as exclusive LNG features developed through GTT’s expertise. The collaboration is set to be a cornerstone of GasLog’s digital transformation, focusing on performance optimisation, regulatory compliance, and operational excellence.

The trust placed in Ascenz Marorka by GasLog is echoed by the Clean Products Tankers Alliance (CPTA), which has chosen the company’s advanced weather routing solution for its fleet of approximately 20 vessels. The integration of operational, economic, and environmental variables into the routing process demonstrates Ascenz Marorka’s ability to deliver solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also adaptable to various vessel types and propulsion systems.

Furthermore, the successful pilot project with Global Ship Lease (GSL) has led to the rollout of Ascenz Marorka’s Smart Shipping solution across GSL’s container vessel fleet. The contract includes automatic data collection systems, intelligent software for real-time management, and optimisation of vessel performance.

Environmental excellence through digitalisation

Ascenz Marorka’s recognition in the Environmental category was for its digital tools that contribute to sustainability in the shipping sector as evidenced from the successful deployment by Navigator Gas, which reported notable environmental benefits through the deployment.

Navigator Gas started investing in installing full autolog systems across its fleet to reduce its carbon footprint through digitalisation. It reported a potential 15% reduction in fuel consumption, translating to a significant decrease in CO2 emissions by more than 100,000 tons per year through the deployment.

Ascenz Marorka, thus, played a pivotal role in Navigator Gas’s endeavour, providing a platform that not only facilitates real-time monitoring and optimisation of vessel performance but also promotes a more sustainable shipping industry.

Company Profile

Ascenz Marorka is a leading provider of digital solutions for Smart Ships in the maritime industry, offering one of the most comprehensive, innovative and reliable digital platforms for ship owners and charterers around the world. Ascenz Marorka portfolio comprises solutions for LNG Cargo Management, Electronic Fuel Monitoring, Vessel Performance Management, Emissions Monitoring, Operational and Regulatory Reporting, and Weather Routing.

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