Digital solutions provider MariApps Marine Solutions won awards in the Innovation, Business Expansion, Research and Development, and Environmental categories in the 2024 Ship Technology Excellence Awards.

The Ship Technology Excellence Awards celebrate the greatest achievements and innovations in the industry. The programme provides a platform to recognise the people and companies that are driving change and is powered by the business intelligence of GlobalData.

In the Business Expansion category, MariApps has been recognised for its partnership with Rescompany and OnboarD Software, which culminated in the development of cruisePAL, a comprehensive digital platform to streamline cruise management. cruisePAL also won an Innovation award for its cutting-edge features, while a unique budgeting tool developed by MariApps to address the challenges of budget preparation in the maritime industry won a Research and Development award.

In addition, MariApps has been awarded in the Environmental category for its fleet performance monitoring solution that not only supports decarbonisation but also provides a robust framework for EU ETS tracking.

Expanding horizons and revolutionising cruise management through cruisePAL

cruisePAL modules

MariApps Marine Solutions, in collaboration with Rescompany and OnboarD Software, developed comprehensive digital platform called cruisePAL to streamline cruise management.

The strategic partnership with Rescompany and OnboarD Software was pivotal in creating a meaningful business growth opportunity to MariApps. The collaboration has expanded MariApps’ market reach and service offerings, leveraging a combined workforce of over 1,200 skilled professionals and a wealth of industry expertise to deliver a seamless and integrated solution for cruise operators worldwide.

cruisePAL’s innovation is evident in its all-encompassing nature, offering a single-platform solution that automates processes and is cloud-based, enabling informed, data-driven decision-making. The platform’s unique selling propositions (USPs) include the integration of marine management side from MariApps, Rescompany’s hotel management modules, and OnboarD Software’s hotel maintenance and guest engagement modules.

The platform’s diverse features address a broad spectrum of operational needs, encompassing front desk management, safety, technical operations, and guest reservations. It also offers real-time data and analytics, which are essential for cruise operators to oversee processes, manage finances, and uphold stringent standards of health, safety, quality, and environment (HSQE). For crew management, cruisePAL streamlines administrative tasks and supplies comprehensive data and tools for effective planning and coordination.

Furthermore, guests enjoy an enhanced experience thanks to the platform’s capabilities that improve the reservation process, provide connectivity, and ensure convenience throughout their voyage. The digital solutions facilitate a smooth and effortless experience, from digital check-in to express boarding and onboard transactions.

The comprehensive suite of software provided by cruisePAL, tailored to the specific needs of operators and passengers, and the integration of modules from leading companies in the industry, not only positions it as a significant innovation in digital solutions for cruise operations but also as a catalyst for MariApps’ business expansion.

Streamlining ship budgets: the innovative OPEX budgeting tool

MariApps developed an exclusive and unique budgeting tool called OPEX to automate the budget preparation process, a task that has traditionally been time-consuming and prone to human error.

The versatile tool’s capabilities extend to various budgetary aspects, including crew and technical budgets, with optional modules for insurance, pre-delivery, and dry docking IWS & upgrading, enabling users to address the diverse needs of ship management operations.

One of the key reasons for OPEX’s recognition in the Research and Development category is its potential to significantly enhance time efficiency and productivity within the budgeting process. The tool’s ability to provide real-time and precise data availability is a critical feature, allowing for more informed and data-driven decision-making. Furthermore, the reduction in manual entry and calculation errors through OPEX’s automated systems is a substantial benefit, leading to more accurate budgeting outcomes.

Another significant advantage of OPEX is its contribution to regulatory compliance and risk mitigation. OPEX’s detailed activity monitoring supports adherence to the stringent regulations typical in the maritime industry. Additionally, the tool’s forecasting capabilities enable better financial planning and internal visibility.

OPEX also boasts several user-friendly features, such as automatic population of cost amounts from smartPAL modules, data import efficiency, and budget comparison tools. The inclusion of a multi-layer approval process ensures proper authorisation of budgetary decisions, while chat and comment functionalities facilitate clear communication among team members.

The tool’s USPs include its pioneering offering of multiple budget dashboards, which cater to different facets of ship operation budgets. The integration with smartPAL, whether as part of the suite or as a standalone product, further enhances its appeal to the industry.

OPEX is currently in a pilot phase with Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM) and is planned to be launched later in 2024.

Driving decarbonisation in maritime operations through smartOps

The smartOps fleet performance monitoring solution by MariApps supports the maritime industry’s decarbonisation efforts.

smartOps is a cloud-based, integrated fleet performance solution that offers an intuitive suite of tools designed to meet emission targets through operational efficiency optimisation.

The system provides actionable data insights, which are crucial for enhancing vessel performance. It also features a highly adaptable proactive vessel alert system. The ease of deployment, usage, and scalability of smartOps is a significant advantage for shipowners and operators, as it can integrate seamlessly with existing reporting systems or utilise data logged through its advanced vessel application. The inclusion of position, weather data, and telemetry enhances the richness of the data analysed.

By providing a comprehensive overview of fleet operations and performance, smartOps enables intelligent business planning with actionable insights.

MariApps fleet monitoring centre

The platform includes modules for operations, fleet performance, alerts, and monitoring, all of which contribute to a comprehensive fleet performance optimisation strategy. Its advanced monitoring and alert system, along with a Fleet Monitoring Centre that offers 24/7 monitoring, ensures that shipowners and operators have continuous oversight of their vessels.

smartOps’ comprehensive regulatory compliance services, which cover EU MRV, IMO, and EU ETS, among others, provide a significant value proposition. The ability to track and manage carbon emissions in real-time and the inclusion of a CII Calculator are particularly relevant in light of the recent regulatory focus on carbon intensity and emissions reduction in the maritime industry.

The environmental award also recognises the forward-thinking approach of MariApps in developing smartOps. The platform’s digital twin benchmarking, predictive maintenance advice, and real-time monitoring capabilities demonstrate a commitment to leveraging technology for environmental stewardship. The system’s ability to optimise voyage planning and weather routing, manage hull and propeller conditions, and provide engine assessments, including fault diagnostics, positions it as a leader in the drive towards greener shipping.

Celebrating MariApps’ success

Khalil, Managing Director, MariApps

“Acknowledging the awards and celebrating the success, Khalil Rehman Aziz, Managing Director, MariApps Marine Solutions, said, “MariApps has swept this year’s Ship Technology Awards with four prestigious awards across various categories! Our dedication to delivering top-notch digital solutions in the maritime industry has been duly recognised. With more than 3,500 vessels and some of the biggest names in shipping trusting MariApps as their digital partner, it’s evident that our commitment to excellence is unparalleled. Thank you to the Ship Technology Awards for acknowledging MariApps’ significant contributions to shaping the future of maritime technology.”

Company Profile

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MariApps Marine Solutions is a pioneering digital technology company serving maritime enterprises globally. Headquartered in Singapore, with development centres in Kochi, Mumbai, Pondicherry Hyderabad, and Madurai, India, and sales and support offices across key maritime hubs, Germany, USA, Japan, Cyprus, UAE, France, and the KSA. MariApps boasts a dedicated team of over 1,000 experts specialising in maritime and software engineering.

Established in 2014 as a member of the esteemed Schulte Group, MariApps was founded to address the growing demand for innovative digital applications in the maritime industry. Since then, MariApps has emerged as a trusted partner for over 80 clients, delivering safe, reliable, and transformative solutions.

What sets MariApps apart is their unique blend of software development expertise and deep-rooted experience in the maritime industry. Their solutions are tailored to the specific needs of their clients, ensuring reliability, efficiency, and optimal return on investment.

MariApps is committed to excellence, innovation, and partnership in driving digital transformation across the maritime industry.

With MariApps, navigating the digital future of the maritime industry has never been easier.

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