The Costa Concordia sinking has moved the thriving European cruise market into difficult waters. We investigate how the incident was handled and look back on the factors that have made Europe’s cruise industry so successful in recent years.

We also take a look at the technologies set to make waves in the shipping industry, from a robotic fish, which could revolutionise port clean-ups, to the mobile technologies that will give shipping companies a competitive advantage.

Moreover, we profile the Khalifa Port, Abu Dhabi, which is currently under construction. Finally, Canada’s Northwest Passage and Russia’s Northern Sea Route opened at the same time last year. We ask climate change experts how global warming could change the world’s shipping map in future.

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Growth on Reflection
The European cruise market has been thriving, but the long-term effects of the Costa Concordia sinking and a weak euro remain to be seen. Jens Skrede of Cruise Europe explains the keys to success for the industry.
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Industry Project: Khalifa Port, Abu Dhabi
Port development is an important aspect of economic diversification in a number of oil-rich Middle Eastern nations, a process that the largest of the UAE’s emirates, Abu Dhabi has embraced with the large-scale Khalifa Port project.
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The Robo Fish Pollution Patrol
Marine pollutant monitoring has gone robotic with the development of an autonomously controlled fish. Rowan Watt-Pringle finds out how the device could help tackle pollution in ports and underwater environments.
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Going Mobile
Sovereign debt problems and fiscal austerity in many countries have contributed to difficult trading conditions for shipping operators. As more shipping companies turn to technology tools to gain a competitive advantage, the next battle for market share will be fought in the mobile arena.
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A Climate of Change
As arctic sea-ice reaches a new all-time low, Dr Gareth Evans finds out how climate change is redrawing the map of global shipping lanes.
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The issue of security across the travel industry has changed enormously in recent years, with new practices and procedures designed to ensure passenger safety. We find out what this has meant for the cruise industry, and how operators can tread the fine line between security and passenger privacy.

We also explore a new bridge concept which aims to revolutionise bridge resource management and the way crews interact with equipment, and take a look behind the development of the world’s first 100% fossil fuel-free sailing cargo ship in the UK and Ireland.

Moreover, we find out why market-to-market valuation is critical to ensuring the financial health of a commercial shipping operation, and we explore today’s sophisticated communication technologies for ship-to-shore information exchange.

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