Automation company ABB has introduced a new digital platform, ABB Ability Marine Fleet Intelligence – Advisory, to optimise vessel performance across fleets.

The new platform integrates reporting and the power of Cloud-based analytics to provide user-friendly visualisations, noted ABB.

Offered as a software as a service (SaaS), the platform can gather data from several vessel systems.

It can then display a comprehensive outline of all collected data from shipboard systems.

As a result, a ship’s operational performance can easily be compared to another vessel or the entire fleet.

ABB marine and ports service senior vice-president Jyri Jusslin said: “Better data is a basis for the better insights which empower better decisions. Better decisions bring greater efficiency and more sustainable operations.

“We are proud to offer the ABB Ability Marine Fleet Intelligence – Advisory as a single platform featuring uniform reporting for customers seeking a robust analytics service capable of fleet-wide data collection. Verifiable emissions data also offer transparency on energy use onboard for compliance with tightening greenhouse gas regulations.”

The platform utilises system data points regarding navigation, fuel consumption, propulsion, loading conditions, weather and speed logs.

On this basis, it provides a comprehensive assessment of a vessel’s fuel, energy and emissions efficiency, operational availability and technical state and safety. These outcomes can then be compared to the performance of the fleet.

ABB Ability Marine Fleet Intelligence – Advisory can be combined with ABB’s on-board systems as well as with any data retrieval solution to support analytics, display and reporting.

In a statement, the company said: “The ABB Ability Marine Fleet Intelligence – Advisory user can access operational performance information by signing into the ABB Ability Marine Fleet Portal.

“Based on Microsoft Azure and integrated Power BI business analytics from Microsoft, the online platform offers interactive visualisations and business intelligence capabilities with an intuitive interface that allows end-users to create customisable reports and dashboards.”

Furthermore, the platform can be accessed by onshore users who want to verify performance.

Last week, ABB added a new digital solution, ABB Ability OptimE – Toe Angle Optimisation for Propulsion, to enhance the energy efficiency of its Azipod electric propulsor.