AP Moller Capital has partnered with Olam International and Africa Finance Corporation (AFC) to invest in port and logistics infrastructure in West Africa.

AP Moller Capital will provide significant investment in a West African ports and logistics platform via the Africa Infrastructure Fund.

The platform will be managed by ARISE Ports & Logistics. AP Moller will hold a 43% stake in the platform, while Olam and AFC will hold 31% and 26% stakes respectively.

The platform consists of an ecosystem of ports, trucking, warehouses and rail services.

The companies will focus on boosting the ecosystem connected to the current mineral and general cargo port in Gabon and the development of new infrastructure in Mauritania.

It will also develop a new multi-cargo port in Nouakchott and a new bulk port in the Ivory Coast.

AP Moller Capital CEO and managing partner Kim Fejfer said: “Investing in local infrastructure ecosystems of ports, trucking, warehouses and rails is investing in local prosperity. It creates jobs and opportunities in a region, which is deeply dependent on investments and development.”

AP Moller Capital partner Jens Thomassen added: “As business partners, we share a passion for enabling Africa to grow and develop and we believe investments combined with high ethical standards and deep operational knowledge are key levers for such growth.”

AP Moller Capital will also invest in ARISE Ports & Logistics. Then, Kim Fejfer will take over as the chairman.

The transaction is subject to third party approvals.