APM Terminals (AMPT) has announced that it will launch a completely digital export management system at Russia’s First Container Terminal (FCT).

FCT will become the first terminal in Russia to implement a paperless export management system for containers.

With the technology, the terminal can undertake the digital exchange of legally binding documents with the customs authority.

It is based on the customer portal of Global Ports and the Portal software functionality of Sea Port.

Global Ports is a joint venture of APMT, which holds a 30.75% stake, while Delo holds another 30.75%.

Forwarding companies can upload orders with the new digital export management system and customs can digitally issue documentation.

With this, the terminal can start the loading of a container without the need for additional approval.

Shipping line, forwarding company and customs authority can access the information regarding the status of the container throughout the process stages.

It is expected to reduce the time required to handle a shipment and will ease the interaction between the different process participants.

Global Ports Information Technology director Alexey Yermolin said: “Global Ports is working hard to make its service as convenient as possible for customers and partners. Shipment orders remained the last ‘paper’ element in export shipments.

“Due to our efficient interaction with customs, we have now made this document digital as well. Now, an export shipment may be ordered and traced on our customer portal.

“The technology we use guarantees data protection and integrity of data after it is entered into the electronic document flow system.”

In January, Danish shipping company Maersk introduced a new feeder service to connect APM Terminals Gijón with its global network through the Port of Algeciras.