Arctic Shipping Company has selected the Orange Business Services’ Maritime Connect solution to provide network connectivity to its cargo ships while at sea.

The agreement follows the successful completion of a pilot project on the use of Maritime Connect on-board Arctic Shipping vessels.

Orange has already installed the service on six Arctic Shipping vessels using an operational expenditure model with fixed monthly payments.

The model is designed to enable Arctic Shipping to control costs and install modern communication equipment on ships.

Arctic Shipping Company CEO Mikhail Artyukhov said: “For commercial shipping, speed of deployment is very important, in addition to the reliability of the partner and the quality of services provided.

“The seasonal window where we are able to use the Northern Sea Route is very limited, so the installation should be carried out quickly and without hitches.

“With installation completed in just two days, our partners were able to carry out the work during a short stay in port.”

Maritime Connect is designed to integrate several networks, including satellite, to guarantee connectivity for cargo ships plying anywhere in the world.

“The Northern Sea Route allows companies to save time and money by providing a shorter connection between Asia and Europe.”

It allows the crew to work in a single virtual corporate network, as well as conduct operations safely on the difficult Northern Sea Route.

Using Maritime Connect, ships at sea can easily gain access to updated information on ice conditions and keep its electronic mapping system up-to-date.

The service has also simplified communication with contractors and port authorities.

Orange Business Services Indirect, Middle East, Africa and Russia (IMEAR) senior vice-president Richard van Wageningen said: “The Northern Sea Route allows companies to save time and money by providing a shorter connection between Asia and Europe.

“However, the route is also known as risky and not an easy one. Seamless network connectivity is critical to safety and saves not only time and financial resources, but also the crew’s welfare.”

The Northern Sea Route spans from the Barents Sea near the border of Russia and Norway, to Bering Strait between Siberia and Alaska.