US-based ARES Security has rolled out a new multi-tenant, Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for seaports in the US.

The company is now providing its Avert C2 (formally CommandBridge) system as a SaaS platform for small and medium-sized ports.

ARES Security claims that the Avert C2, which has been used by more than a third of the largest seaports in the US since 2006, will enable ports to improve their security.

In addition to sea ports, it has also been used by law enforcement, transportation companies, and the Department of Defense.

Designed as a command and control platform, AVERT C2 integrates disparate security, operational systems and sensors, as well as communications systems and other information to deliver customisable, contextual displays that allow users to access real-time information quickly.

It streamlines workflows and collaboration by not spending time switching between systems or operating procedures during an incident response.

AVERT C2, according to ARES Security, supports fast decision making that is compliant with established procedures and coordinated across all responding agencies.

ARES Security CEO Ben Eazzetta said: “We are excited to offer the first of a series of planned SaaS solutions to our customers and provide enhanced security, automation and operational capabilities to the entire market.”

The new SaaS solution provides small and medium-sized ports with a version of AVERT C2, which can be added to and expanded upon over time, to fulfil growing demands of the port.

Additionally, ports can add advanced applications, including reporting, event planning and management, to further enhance operations.