Astilleros Balenciaga has delivered a new service operation vessel (SOV), dubbed Edda Brint, to offshore wind service vessel company Edda Wind.

Edda Brint is the second vessel delivered by Astilleros as part of a seven-vessel newbuilding programme.

After leaving the yard in Spain, the SOV will have a motion compensated gangway system installed.

Under a 15-year contract with Vestas, the new vessel will begin operations at the Seagreen Offshore wind farm in Scotland from next January.

Designed to serve wind farms across the world, Edda Brint supports zero-emission operations by using hydrogen as an energy carrier in a liquid organic hydrogen carrier (LOHC) concept.

Edda Wind has adopted this concept to meet its stringent criteria for safe operation, logistical solutions and endurance.

With Salt 0358 design and build number C415, Edda Brint is 82.9m long and has a beam of 18.6m.

The vessel has the capacity to accommodate up to 60 people in separate high-standard cabins.

Edda Wind CEO Kenneth Walland said: “Edda Brint is the first SOV in the world prepared with a hydrogen-based energy system planned for four week’s endurance.

“In principle, this means that this vessel in a few years’ time is capable of supporting the construction and commissioning of wind farms without generating carbon emissions.”

Astilleros will deliver a sister vessel, called Edda Goelo, from the same yard in the second quarter of next year.

This vessel will enter into service under a five-year contract in France, which will start in the same year as its delivery.

Edda Wind is already the owner and operator of the Edda Passat and Edda Mistral SOVs, as well as one commissioning SOV (CSOV) called Edda Breeze.

Furthermore, four CSOVs and one SOV are currently under construction for the company.