Shipbuilding company Austal has added a new product to its Marinelink integrated monitoring, alarm and control (IMACS) system product range.

Called Marinelink-Fleet, the new system provides ship operators with a live integrated view of the operating environment, schedule, comfort and fuel performance of a fleet of ships.

The system will also deliver real-time and historical information on vessel routes, live fleet locations, estimated time of arrival (ETA), speed profile and live weather conditions to operators.

The new platform has been designed based on the company’s original, proprietary Marinelink on-board vessel monitoring, alarm and control system.

With the location, schedule and local weather information integrated into one web-based interface, the new system recognises operational issues in real-time.

Launching Marinelink-Fleet at the annual Interferry conference in London, Austal technology development manager Max van Someren said the new product will enable any ferry operator to monitor their fleet more effectively and to ensure improved vessel performance.

Max van Someren said: “Marinelink-Fleet is available to any ferry operator and is suitable for use on any type of ship from any builder.

“Marinelink-Fleet literally puts you at the centre of your ferry operations, with enhanced visibility of your ship’s location, schedule and current local weather in one easy-to-use web-based interface.

“Marinelink-Fleet helps you identify operational issues in real-time and act before they impact your fleet’s schedule and costs.”

Since 1996, Austal has installed Marinelink to more than 160 high-speed ferries. The company is currently installing its ‘smart ship’ platform Marinelink-Smart on board new ships. The system offers monitoring and fuel analysis in real-time, reducing operating expenses.

Austal is also developing another new product Marinelink-Sense, which monitors and reports passenger comfort.

According to Austal, Marinelink-Sense will support Marinelink-Smart and Marinelink-Fleet by providing a complete package of information for ferry managers.