Global shipping firm CMA CGM Group has formed a partnership with US-based startup Shone to include artificial intelligence (AI) on-board its container ships.

Established last year, Shone is primarily engaged in the development of AI for use in maritime transportation.

Under the new partnership, Shone will finalise the development of AI systems for the CMA CGM vessels by having access to the fleet.

In order to develop the new systems, Shone will accumulate data from the ships’ existing on-board data collection systems and will analyse them at its headquarters in San Francisco, California, US.

Upon completion, the systems are expected to help the on-board crew to take various decisions on maritime safety or piloting assistance.

“Shone fuses data from multiple sensors (radar, camera, AIS,) in order to increase detection accuracy.”

CMA CGM Group said in a statement: “As far as security and anti-collision alert systems are concerned, Shone fuses data from multiple sensors (radar, camera, AIS,) in order to increase detection accuracy, thus preventing potential collisions, taking into account COLREGs.

“This collaboration is fully in line with the group’s strategy of innovation at the service of digital transformation implemented by CMA CGM Group chairman and CEO Rodolphe Saadé.”

In September, CMA CGM Group entered a strategic partnership with Indian technology firm Infosys to simplify and transform its information technology (IT) applications.

As part of the seven-year partnership, Infosys will open a development and innovation centre in Marseilles, France, while CMA CGM will receive high-value technologies to improve its skill and responsiveness.