Japan’s Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha (K Line) and Ship Data Center (ShipDC) have signed an agreement to share operation data of the K Line fleet installed with Kawasaki Integrated Maritime Solutions.

All data will be shared through the IoS Open Platform (IoS-OP), the ship Internet of things (IoT) data-sharing platform supported by ShipDC.

Earlier, K Line had collected and stored operation data from numerous vessels equipped with Kawasaki Integrated Maritime Solutions.

According to the agreement, it will now share the data of its fleet of approximately 140 ships.

By deploying information and communication technology, it has become possible to collect large data from several vessels in operation.

However, methods for data collection and analysis are still disintegrated.

Currently, ShipDC is working to create a common platform for ship-related data, which will encourage the use of enormous data in the marine industry.

Sharing of data will enable IoS-OP members to improve their corporate value, including ecological initiatives, pursuit of ship safety and commercial efficiency, and designing of marine innovations to reinforce their competitiveness.

Moreover, K Line has decided to promote its IoS-OP Consortium membership status to the highest rank of Platinum to increase its contribution.

Through data use, both companies are aiming to achieve the safety of ships and economic rationality, in addition to the environmental contribution.

The move will also facilitate the collection, circulation, and application of data in the industry with IoS-OP at the core.