Costa Atlantica cruise ship has left Nagasaki, Japan on 31 May, after a one-month long quarantine.

Nagasaki prefecture official Kenjo Ura said that the ship is on its way to Manila in the Philippines.

In April, Japanese officials have reported 57 additional cases of Covid-19 on the Costa Atlantica, bringing the total number of cases on the ship to 148.

There were 623 crew members onboard. The ship only carried crew and there are no passengers onboard.

The ship was docked in a shipyard in Nagasaki and was undergoing repairs. It was transported by Mitsubishi Shipbuilding in February when the repairs could not be carried out in China due to the outbreak.

The ship left Nagasaki after the crew onboard tested negative Covid-19. 126 crew members are on the ship.

A Nagasaki prefecture official said that six crew members are currently hospitalised but not in a dangerous condition. They will be permitted to go back after they recover and test negative.

Other passengers were previously evacuated and sent to their home countries.

The infections on the Costa Atlantica cruise ship follow the outbreak on Princess Cruises’ Diamond Princess cruise ship, which was one of the major clusters of the coronavirus.

It was reported that approximately 700 confirmed cases and ten deaths were linked to Diamond Princess.