Damen Shiprepair Harbour & Voyage (DSHV) has partnered with Verolme Special Equipment for the ‘provision of services’ to exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS) or marine scrubbers.

The agreement follows the need for wider availability of onboard scrubber installation services.

Many vessels are opting to have scrubbers installed to help comply with the IMO 2020 Sulphur Cap.

DSHV MD Jozeph WD Quak said that there is an increased need for maintenance, service, modifications and repairs.

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Quak said that there may be problems due to vibrations in the newly added steel structures and that the sulphur’s acidic nature can corrode discharge piping, overboard pipes and scrubber system.

He said that the solution can be replaced by GRE pipe systems and SMO installation on crucial locations.

In a statement, the company said: “The partnership between Damen Shiprepair Harbour and Voyage and Verolme Special Equipment provides a complete service for all problems that might occur.

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“We can assist our clients anytime and anywhere, to keep vessels sailing without or with very short downtime in case mentioned problems occur and repairs are necessary.

“Parties work together with OEMs (in close cooperation) of EGGS systems. Along with a vast, own experience in exotic materials as, for example, SMO, Super Duplex, titanium, all kinds of SS and GRE piping, we are able to provide the optimal solution.”

The company will provide 24/7 services around the world with a maximum of 24h notice.

The team will also carry out an after site inspection and an appropriate recovery plan will also be formulated to ensure that the downtime is reduced.