KPI OceanConnect, Pacific International Lines (PIL) and Bunker One have concluded the first digital marine fuels deal outside Singapore waters.

The partnership generated the first live electronic marine fuel inventory statement for overseas delivery using the Singapore Trade Data Exchange (SGTraDex).

Bunker One bunkered Kota Rakan, a Singapore-flagged container vessel owned by PIL, at the port of Lome in Togo, Africa, on 7 February.

The bunker delivery note (BDN), bunkering sale invoice and fuel delivery were submitted and exchanged through SGTraDex, stated PIL.

KPI OceanConnect opted to use the SGTraDex platform as part of its strategy to improve transparency in the marine fuels industry.

The infrastructure will also provide a secure channel for the transfer of trade documents, as well as streamline invoicing process and lower manual processing time.

Formed as a public-private partnership in June 2022, SGTraDex is a common data infrastructure that enables data sharing between supply chain ecosystem partners.

This infrastructure will use a common data highway, where data can be shared in a secure environment, to help streamline the flow of information.

PIL fleet head Goh Chung Hun said: “Our participation in SGTraDex stems from our belief in the importance of leveraging digitalisation to build an efficient, reliable and secure supply chain.

“We also strongly endorse the drive for transparency in marine fuels transactions, to enable shipping lines like PIL to have safe and sustainable vessel operations.”