Evergreen Marine will make an initial attempt to refloat its 1,096ft-long vessel, Ever Forward, which was stranded in the Chesapeake Bay near Baltimore, Maryland, US.

The company will be supported by the US Coast Guard and Maryland Department of the Environment in the effort to free the Ever Forward vessel.

The attempt is being made after more than a week of dredging by the salvage company.

During the attempt, the navigation channel will be closed to commercial traffic to ensure safety and the current 500 yards around the ship will be enlarged to 1,000 yards.

Dredging will be started again if the ship does not move during this first attempt. The company will plan the second attempt within a week.

Five tug boats will be used to move the ship as part of the first attempt, according to the marine safety information bulletin.

Two anchored pulling barges will also be included if a second attempt needs to be made. Some containers from the vessel will be removed in order to help refloat it if both attempts fail.

A naval architect boarded the ship to evaluate its stability, and regular checks of the fuel and ballast tanks were also carried out.

Officials reported that no injuries, damage or pollution resulted from the incident. The vessel is also not blocking the route of ships heading towards the Port of Baltimore.

After leaving the Port of Baltimore Seagirt Terminal, Ever Forward was headed towards Norfolk, Virginia.