Technology company FuelTrust has entered a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Isle of Man Ship Registry (IOMSR) for the validation of green ships.

Under the agreement, the ship registry will utilise fuels and emissions digital technology provided by FuelTrust to certify vessels for the flag’s Green Ship scheme.

The duo will also work together on projects to cut down emissions.

FuelTrust’s Bunker Insights product can be used by ship owners and operators registered with the IOMSR for the prediction, measurement and authentication of their fleets’ emissions reductions.

The technology firm’s artificial intelligence (AI) based validation of a vessel’s performance in relation to its emissions and fuel quality programmes will be accepted by IOMSR.

AI Digital Chemist will be used by FuelTrust’s solutions for the simulation of combustion on a molecular level to track fuel quality, energy and emissions profiles.

FuelTrust chief product officer Darren Shelton said: “IOMSR recognises how advanced technologies such as ours can help its members reduce their carbon emissions, track fuel usage and monitor performance.”

From April, the Green Ship discount programmes can be accessed by the operators of cargo ships, commercial yachts or passenger ships using biofuel, alternative fuels, wind or shore-side energy technology.

The partnership will also work together to study methodologies to cut down greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by tracking emissions reductions from zero-carbon fuels.

IOMSR director Cameron Mitchell said: “Our collaboration with FuelTrust provides Isle of Man-registered ship operators and charterers the insights, expertise and transparency to assess the collective carbon output of their fleets and to manage compliance with emissions regulations.”

Last month, FuelTrust launched an AI-powered solution, called Carbon Baseline, for the assessment of GHG emissions.