Sweden-based shipping firm Furetank has announced that its dual-fuel tanker Fure Valö has undertaken the first voyage using Equinor’s new fuel blend that contains used cooking oil.

This fuel is claimed to cut down greenhouse gas emissions while providing the same performance as regular marine gasoil.

Operating on Equinor’s blend of 30% renewable fuel and 70% marine gasoil from Mongstad refinery, the tanker undertook a roundtrip from Mongstad, Norway, to Reykjavik, Iceland.

The initial results are termed as positive, with no adverse effects seen on performance or consumption as against conventional marine gasoil.

This renewable fuel is claimed to help bring a certified reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of at least 87.5% as against conventional fossil fuel.

Furetank CEO Lars Höglund said: “Acting as test pilots for this new lower-emission fuel is an important and honourable mission for us. Even if we primarily run our dual-fuel vessels on liquefied natural gas (LNG)/liquefied biogas (LBG) or gasoil today, they are designed to be flexible, future-proof and easily converted to run on any fuel that will prove to be the right choice for the future.”

The ships under the Furetank Vinga series come with dual-fuel capacity.

Designed to contain pressurised, liquefied gas, these vessels are equipped with insulated stainless steel fuel tanks on deck that can be used to store ammonia or hydrogen in the future. The fuels can be switched with only a slight conversion to the ship’s engines.

Testing of the new renewable fuel on Fure Valö will be continued over five to six roundtrips between Mongstad and Iceland, which will demonstrate its performance in the harsh weather conditions of the North Atlantic.