The Gothenburg Port Authority in Sweden has rolled out a new app to make bunkering at the Energy Port easier and more efficient.

Known as ‘Bunkering App’, the tool is available to all bunkering operators at the Energy Port and can be used for all types of fuel, including LNG.

Removing the need to submit information manually through email and phone, the new solution allows operators to submit advance bunkering notifications using the app.

The app displays the available collection points for loading marine fuel onto bunker vessels.

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It is also capable of gathering bunkering statistics, helping the Swedish Maritime Administration Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) and other organisations at the port in their work.

The launch follows the January trial of the app where selected users contributed their valuable input. Bunker One is one of the participating companies using the app as part of its regular operations.

Bunker One bunker operator Karolina Skoglund said: “Overall, I think the app is already working very well, although the coastguard and VTS notification function needs to be more user-friendly.

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“We are confident that using the app will help boost efficiency and maximise the use of our bunker quays.”

“Booking quay space and the quay plan are excellent, giving us better foresight, which in turn helps us in our day-to-day work.”

The app is also beneficial for the Energy Port’s security coordinators, who save time by no longer needing to act as intermediaries between different parties.

Energy Port operations head Dan-Erik Andersson said: “We are confident that using the app will help boost efficiency and maximise the use of our bunker quays.

“But we would like to point out that it is not our intention to use the app to replace daily contact with our customers, which will continue to be an important part of our relationship.”

The Port of Gothenburg Energy Port handles more than 2,500 calls and more than 23 million tonnes of energy products per annum.