Maritime intelligence firm Global Spatial Technology Solutions (GSTS) has secured funding from the Canadian Government to speed up the global commercialisation of OCIANA, its maritime management platform.

The government has provided $385,869 (C$500,000) repayable funding through the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) for the scaling-up of OCIANA, to meet increasing global demand, as well as to add five permanent, full-time jobs.

An artificial intelligence (AI) platform, OCIANA is used for the collection and processing of a wide range of maritime data for the delivery of decision support intelligence.

The platform can be configured for the geographic, operational and regulatory characteristics of any port or location across the globe.

GSTS has also added features to OCIANA that offer Active Vessel Traffic Management (AVTM) capability.

This new capability is in addition to the suite of features that offer maritime vessel and risk management, noted the company.

AVTM will facilitate the optimisation of vessel arrivals to berth availabilities for any location through sequence planning of all elements linked with the process.

OCIANA will gather and assess real-time data to deliver intelligence to vessels, port authorities, terminal operators and pilotage authorities.  

At present, GSTS is demonstrating and validating the AVTM capability of OCIANA with multiple users in North America.

GSTS CEO Richard Kolacz said: “We are seeing an increase in the demand for OCIANA and the vessel management capability it offers.

“As a result, our plans for commercial rollout have been accelerated. This funding from ACOA allows us to accelerate that process and continue to build the world’s most powerful maritime AI capability right here in Canada, the country with the world’s longest coastline.”