German container shipping firm Hamburg Süd has introduced a Remote Container Management (RCM) system for reefer container shipment monitoring.

Part of Danish shipping giant Maersk, Hamburg Süd launched RCM after completing successful trials. In November 2017, Maersk acquired Hamburg Süd for approximately $4bn.

Using the RCM platform, clients can monitor various parameters within the reefer container in real-time, including relative humidity, temperature and concentrations of O₂ and CO₂.

Leveraging this data, users can observe their supply chain, ensure that it is more efficient and reduce operational costs.

According to Hamburg Süd, RCM platform enables users to access online probe data for cold treatment cargo.

Hamburg Süd and Maersk have already installed the solution on their reefer container fleet.

As a result of extensive testing and development of the digital customer interface, Hamburg Süd offers a user-friendly online tool that can be accessed using a PC, tablet or smartphone.

Despite the channel used to log on to the system, RCM displays all vital parameters of the refrigerated container.

Users can see an overview of the reefer containers they have booked and data on ports of departure and destination, as well as ship names and container numbers.

The Journey Log displays vital information related to the transportation of the container, including delivery to the terminal or loading onto and discharging from the ship.

Clients can download the data as an Excel list or send it directly to the recipient of the consignments.

Users are notified in case of any adverse changes in the settings from standard parameters.  Hamburg Süd’s operations team is alerted by the system in the event of critical limit values exceeding or not being maintained.

Hamburg Süd chief commercial officer Frank Smet said: “With RCM, we are combining the best of both worlds for our reefer customers, digital state-of-the-art technology, which is already tailored as much as possible to individual requirements, in addition to a personal service that can be accessed at any time.”

Maersk and Hamburg Süd manage over 380,000 reefer containers, which is considered to be the largest reefer fleet in the industry.