Hydrogène de France (HDF Energy), Améthyste, ArianeGroup, Cetim, Rubis Terminal and Sofresid have collaborated on the development of a multi-service power barge, called ELEMANTA H2, for the electrification of ships at berth.

The barge is being designed to deliver green electricity and hydrogen to large ships, which would help to cut down polluting emissions by more than 80% during port calls.

HDF Energy and its partners have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in this regard.

The cold ironing barge, which will also facilitate hydrogen bunkering, will be deployed at the Port of Rouen, France.

In a statement, HDF Energy said: “The partners have identified the Port of Rouen and the Rubis Terminal location as a pioneer site because of its strategic position close to Paris.”

With the support of Normandie Energies and port operator HAROPA, the firm will manufacture a high-power hydrogen fuel cell system to be used in a demonstration barge.

The high-pressure green hydrogen storage system is said to fulfil the requirement of autonomy during port calls.

Expected to be commissioned in 2025, ELEMANTA H2 will serve as a low-carbon alternative to diesel generators that presently drive berthed ships. It is expected to minimise CO₂ emissions from ships by 85%, as well as all nitrogen oxide (NOx) and sulfur dioxide (SO₂) emissions, during port calls.

HDF Energy president Damien Havard said: “HDF is proud to bring its expertise in hydrogen technologies to the development of the ELEMANTA H2 barge. Thanks to its high power fuel cell mass production plant, HDF has solutions fitted to the major challenges of decarbonising the maritime sector.”