UK-based IHS Markit has signed an alliance agreement with exactEarth to deliver a new real-time vessel tracking solution, AIS Platinum.

Combining the expertise of both the companies, AIS Platinum is designed to offer vessel position information and intelligence to quant analysts, commodity traders, compliance officers, defence intelligence analysts, as well as customs and border agents.

AIS Platinum is developed using exactEarth’s global, real-time satellite-based automatic identification system (AIS) service, exactView RT platform, powered by Harris, and will include a system of more than 60 maritime satellite payloads.

exactEarth’s satellite coverage is combined with more than 2,000 IHS Markit terrestrial AIS stations to cover additional geographical locations in high-density areas along coastal and busy port areas globally.

Additional global trade intelligence supplied by IHS Markit will provide data on commodity movements. It will also offer various other ship information such as details of the owner, the operator and technical manager.

“exactView RT is the premium high-performance service in the Satellite AIS industry.”

exactEarth CEO Peter Mabson said: “When measured by vessel detection, update rates, reliability and expected longevity, exactView RT is the premium high-performance service in the Satellite AIS industry.

“High-density areas in the Gulf of Mexico and South China Sea have always been difficult for detection rates, due to the volume of vessels in close proximity.

“Moving forward, with the combined coverage of both terrestrial and exactView RT Satellite AIS services, customers will see far greater detection rates than any other service on the market.”

exactEarth primarily provides maritime vessel data for ship tracking and maritime situational awareness solutions.

IHS Markit provides critical information, analytics and solutions for major industries and markets across the globe.