Japanese company Inpex is set to install NAPA’s ClassNK-NAPA GREEN solution for monitoring and follow-up of ship operations on three LNG carriers.

Two vessels serve the Ichthys LNG Project operated by Inpex and one was built for Prelude LNG Project.

Inpex selected ClassNK-NAPA GREEN for the combination of NAPA’s LNG carrier design understanding and performance monitoring software.

Inpex LNG Trading Unit manager of transportation Akihiko Itoh said: “The propulsion system of an LNG carrier is far more complex than that of any other vessel type, which is why a fundamental understanding of elements, including the cargo containment and management systems, as well as the ultra steam turbine is critical to efficiency.

“This will help us to realise substantial operational savings across our entire fleet through timely evaluation of and reaction to ship performance, which underpins our ability to provide a consistent, reliable, and efficient supply of LNG in support of Japan’s long-term energy security.”

“This will help us to realise substantial operational savings across our entire fleet.”

By using ClassNK-NAPA GREEN, Inpex will be able to compare the performance of the Oceanic Breeze, Pacific Breeze, and Symphonic Breeze MOSS-type LNG carriers.

The solution also provides live sea trial results throughout the working lives of the vessels.

NAPA Shipping Solutions executive vice-president Naoki Mizutani said: “As well as monitoring speed and fuel consumption performance, ClassNK-NAPA GREEN also helps to increase awareness of environmental factors to increase vessel safety.

“This capability was tested during the first shipment when a heavy storm approached from east of the route. However, the ship made it safely past and was able to safely navigate away from waves as high as 10m that were in close proximity.”