Japan-based shipbuilder Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) has secured a shipbuilding contract from Eneos Ocean for the construction of a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and liquefied ammonia gas (LAG) carrier.

According to KHI, this contract marks the construction of its 72nd LPG carrier, ninth LPG-fuelled LPG carrier, and second LPG/LAG carrier.

With a tank capacity of 86,700m³, the new vessel will have a moulded breadth of 37.2m, moulded depth of 21.9m, and moulded summer draft of 11.65m.

The 230m newbuild will feature separate cargo tanks for carrying LPG and LAG.

KHI is preparing to finish the vessel’s construction by 2023 at its Sakaide Works facility.

By using LPG and LAG, the new dual-purpose vessel is expected to promote decarbonisation in the maritime industry.

In comparison with conventional ships, the cargo tanks of this carrier will have greater capacity without causing major changes in the ship’s length, breadth, or other specifications.

The vessel will operate on low-sulphur fuel oil and LPG, which will cut down the emission volumes of sulphur oxides (SOx), carbon and other pollutants.

In addition, the newbuild will be designed to fulfil the SOx emission standards as established by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), as well as the IMO’s Energy Efficiency Design Index Phase 3 regulations.

For facilitating the development of a low-carbon/decarbonised society, the company aims to develop and build more LPG-fuelled LPG carriers as well as other green marine technologies.

Last month, KHI delivered a bulk carrier named World Prosper for Astraea Maritime.

With an 82,000 deadweight tonnage capacity, the vessel was delivered at Nantong Cosco KHI Ship Engineering.