Denmark-based ship designer Knud E Hansen has unveiled the new design of a sail-assisted cruise ship known as Wind Cruise Vessel.

The cruise ship is around 110m-long and can house up to 100 passengers. It has a range of 6,000nm and is aimed at the expedition cruise market.

Wind Cruise Vessel is equipped with a modern rig designed by Detlev Loell Ingenieurbüro. The rig includes three free-standing masts, each with a fully-battened main sail with adjustable trailing-edge flaps to optimise lift.

The total sail area is 1,910m², which includes a single head sail on the forward mast. The computer-operated sails have been designed to deliver peak performance, even in light winds.

The ship features four diesel-electric engines, which gives it a cruising speed of 15k in most operating conditions.

Additionally, the twin-screw arrangement and pair of tunnel thrusters forward facilitate superior maneuverability in small ports and anchorages.

It is also fitted with active fin stabilisers, which limit the vessel’s heel to six degrees in sail-assisted mode to ensure passenger comfort in typical operating conditions.

The accommodation decks houses 46 passenger cabins along with two deluxe cabins, which are located outboard with ocean views.

Additional amenities available on the ship include jet skis, diving gear, ROV camera equipment, a large restaurant, library, and card room, as well as an open-deck café and sun deck.

Knud E Hansen stated that the design of the ship has been developed in-house with assistance from sail experts at the Detlev Loell Ingenieurbüro.