Kongsberg Digital has received a contract from Güngen Maritime & Trading to deliver K-Sim Cargo Handling Simulator.

The simulator will be interfaced to a real KONGSBERG K-Chief 600 marine automation system.

The simulator will replicate a modern Suezmax crude oil tanker while reflecting the specification and layout of Güngen’s vessels.

The system will be used to optimise the company’s cargo handling routines along with training, testing and verifying the crew’s competence.

The simulator system will include the same volume of cargo/ballast tanks as the Gungen’s real oil crude tankers. Additionally, the pumps and pipelines will be of the same characteristics.

The simulated equipment and functionality will offer a similar response as in a real system when the crew are onboard.

It will be installed at the office of the shipowner. All the new employees will have to undergo internal simulator training before embarking on the actual vessels.

Güngen training centre manager Tugrul Vural said: “We have had a very positive experience in training crews on simulators integrated with the same equipment as is found on board our tankers.

“Back in 2008, we bought a Kongsberg simulator integrated with Kongsberg’s K-Chief 500 to train our crews and improve our routines. Since this approach has been hugely successful, it was natural for us to come back to Kongsberg when we needed a new type of cargo simulator model with an interface to the latest K-Chief 600.”

In September 2018, Kongsberg Digital won a contract from GasLog to supply a comprehensive liquefied natural gas (LNG) simulator package.