Singapore-based Marine Technology Solution has received a Type Approval certificate from Korean Register (KR) for its direct and continuous CO₂ emission measurement system, Carbon Lens.

Awarded based on the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) NOx Technical Code and Guidelines by KR, the certificate is said to be the first of its kind to be provided to a manufacturer.

Carbon Lens continuously evaluates and records the flow of emitted CO₂ from each stack of a vessel by factoring in its temperature and exhaust pressure.

The data can then be live-streamed from the vessel to designated recipients onshore.

According to KR, precise recorded and reported data can be instantly accessed by using the system, thereby providing a better option than the current best-guess techniques used by multiple emission reporting companies.

Shipowners, managers and charterers need to precisely measure and report CO₂ emission levels from vessels, as they have to be submitted to regulators.

Relevant parties can use the data for improved estimation of carbon offset requirements while implementing carbon trading strategies.

KR’s technical division executive vice-president Yeon Tae KIM said: “We are very pleased that Marine Technology Solutions chose KR as its preferred class partner for this interesting project, and we will continue to support the company by acting as a trustworthy technical advisor once the system is deployed onboard KR-classed vessels.”

“We believe that this direct and continuous emission monitoring system developed by Marine Technology Solutions offers a meaningful step to reducing the carbon footprint of the maritime industry.”

Last March, design engineering firm KMS EMEC secured approval in principle (AiP) from KR for an 8K ammonia bunkering vessel.